How to Start a New Family Tradition with an Easter Egg Hunt!

How to Start a New Family Tradition with an Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter egg hunts have become an Easter family tradition of ours over the past few years. The children love the excitement of finding the eggs, and it's a perfect opportunity to get some cute photos of your little ones dressed up in their cute Easter hair accessories! 

Here are some easy steps you can follow:

Pick a location:

The first step is to decide where you want to have your Easter egg hunt.  I usually try and do a mix of inside and outside (weather depending).

Stock up on eggs:

You can either buy little refillable eggs that can be filled with sweets or small toys. These can be saved and reused the following year.

Alternatively, you can get a packet of small chocolate eggs like these. I would recommend having one larger egg to hide at the end of the hunt as the "prize" egg.

Don't forget the Easter baskets:

One year I forgot to get an Easter basket/bucket for the children to use to collect their eggs! Why not get creative and have fun making homemade Easter baskets.

Hide the eggs:

Hide the eggs in various locations throughout the designated area.  You can download my free Easter Egg hunt clues here that I have made to make this super simple!  

Establish rules:

You may need to establish some rules for the egg hunt (especially if there are a group of children doing the egg hunt at the same time), such as how many eggs each person can find and where to return the empty eggs.

Plan additional activities:

Plan additional activities such as Easter crafts, egg decorating, or other Easter-themed games to keep everyone entertained.

Happy Easter egg hunting!


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